Dell PowerEdge R640 Server 2x Gold 6150 2.70Ghz 36-Core 256GB 2x 800GB SSD H730P

Model: Dell PowerEdge R640 10-Bay Server with 2.5'' Bays
Processors: 2x 2.70Ghz Gold 6150 18-Core Processors - Total of 36x Cores
Memory: 8x 32GB PC4-2666V RAM - Total of 256GB Memory
Hard Drives: 2x 800GB SSD SATA 2.5'' 6G + 8x 2.5'' Caddies / Sleds - Total Storage of 1.6TB
Power Supplies: 2x 1100W Platinum Power Supplies with 2x Power Cords
RAID Controller: H730P Mini RAID Controller 2GB Cache
Optical Drive: No Optical Drive
Remote Access Controller: iDRAC9 Express and iDRAC9 Enterprise
Front Bezel: LCD Bezel with Key Included
Rail Kit: Sliding 4-Post Rails Included
Software: No Software
Network Interface: Dual-Port 10GB SFP+ + Dual-Port 1GB RJ-45
PCI-E Card 1: Additional NIC(s) 1: 1x Dual-Port 10GB RJ-45
Graphics Card: Integrated Video Card
R2 Certifications: F4-Hardware Functional, Cosmetic: A, Signs of light use

SKU: BMS-640-SAP-238


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Dell R640: Power and Efficiency

The R640 stands out as a high-performance server that supports second and first generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors. As the scale of compute needs grow, the R640 sets the high water mark for dense, efficient, and sensibly priced systems. The R640 supports up to ten 2.5" drives and can be configured with NVMe drives for state of the art storage performance. The R640 can accommodate up to two Xeon Scalable processors, each capable of supporting up to 28 cores, making it an epitome of scalability and power. Combined with a robust memory capacity of up to 1.5TB of RAM, essential for managing large-scale operations and ensuring high-speed performance, the R640 truly redefines 'high-performance' in the server domain.

Efficient Processing

At the heart of the R640, you'll find the formidable Intel Xeon Scalable v1 and v2 processors, which sport inceredible efficiency. These processors are a part of the renowned Xeon Scalable family, designed to handle demanding workloads with ease. Explore our selection of processors here or build your custom machine here. The R640 can accommodate up to two processors, each boasting up to 28 cores. Paired with a robust capacity of up to 1.5TB of RAM, the R640 redefines 'high-performance'.

Advanced Storage Capabilities of the Dell PowerEdge R640

The Dell PowerEdge R640 exemplifies the epitome of adaptability and performance in server storage solutions. With the capacity to house up to 10 2.5-inch drives, it offers ample space for conventional hard drives or solid-state drives (SSDs), catering to a broad range of storage demands. The R640 further elevates its storage prowess with an option for a specialized NVMe chassis, accommodating up to 10 NVMe drives, which are renowned for their blazing-fast data transfer speeds and efficiency. This feature makes the R640 an ideal choice for applications requiring rapid data access and high throughput, such as high-performance computing and data analytics. Moreover, its compatibility with a variety of storage controllers enhances its flexibility, allowing customization to fit specific storage needs and preferences. This combination of versatility, speed, and capacity renders the PowerEdge R640 a top-tier choice for data centers, enterprise environments, and advanced homelab setups, providing a robust foundation for diverse and demanding storage requirements.

Remote Management with iDrac 9

iDrac 9 stands as an indispensable asset for a wide range of integration scenarios. This advanced tool is designed to facilitate remote management and monitoring of your server, regardless of its location—be it in a laboratory, data center, or server closet. iDrac Enterprise empowers you with the capability to manage your server remotely, including the ability to power it on or off from a distance. Additionally, it offers comprehensive monitoring features, allowing you to keep a close eye on server temperatures, review logs, and access various other critical diagnostics. This suite of remote management functionalities makes iDrac Enterprise an invaluable tool for ensuring optimal server performance and reliability.

How does BMS Evaluate and Refurbish Server Components?

Every item is rigorously tested when it enters and before it leaves our facility. Should an item show any indications of failure upon intial evaluation, the item is responsibly recycled according to R2-v3 standards. This is shared with items sold and to be shipped.

In the rare case that your Build My Server product or fails within it's warranty period, we will replace it as soon as possible. All products sold by Build My Server come with a standard 1 year warranty, free of cost to you. If you would like to extend the warranty period, you have the option both at the time of your purchase and after by contacting our team.

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